SMART Interregional cooperation strategy for innovation capacities in the energy sector on the MED area

Communication and cross fertilisation

Success breeds success. Under this principle an intense communication strategy will be put in place, whose main elements will be a cross-fertilisation strategy (by making connections and involving key players periodically and with particular attention to specific European network or other relevant network settled up by European projects within the different SMARTinMED area) and the key communication tools adopted by the project.

This activity is developed within WP2

Analysis of energy sector and identification of high potential activities and target markets

By a preliminary MAPPING and ANALISYS on regional renewable energy and energy efficiency markets and the involvement of the relevant stakeholders, SMARTinMED high potential activities, most promising value chains and target markets inside the value chains/ Action are detected.

This activity is developed within WP3

Pilot actions

The project supports the realization of PILOT ACTIONS allowing the promotion of business models and complementary capacities of SMES by the different partners in different regional context.

This activity is developed within WP4

Development of business strategies to enhance value chains across energy cluster in med area

The project addresses both technological and non technological innovations, with a specific set of activities dedicated to SMEs new business models in energy and energy efficiency. SMART in MED will also consider the importance of investing in human resources, talent and expertise, as a necessary response to increasingly complex markets and innovation systems, both as the smarter way to exploit the enormous employment potential offered by the transition to a greener economy.

This activity is developed within WP4

Policy optimisation and participatory governance

SMART in MED addresses policy development processes, aiming at improving priority setting, valorization and existing regional assets and complementarities, and the elaboration of sound policies. This action will ensure the sustainability of project results, delivering to policy makers and stakeholders a sound set of priorities and a participatory process based on regional assets. with a final SMARTinMED scheme for a MED Smart Specialisation strategy.

This activity is developed within WP5

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